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Rights to property, due process, equal protection, free association, and other protections or guarantees are often unconstitutionally abridged. Too often state or local governments act inappropriately or enact broad, discriminatory, vague, or unconstitutional ordinances, laws, or regulations.

Focusing on civil issues, we represent individuals and groups that have suffered infringements on their guaranteed and protected liberties. Protecting against and correcting the violation of individual and group rights guaranteed by the United States or California Constitution is one cornerstone of our litigation practice.

For example, we represent groups who have had their association rights, their property rights, and/or their other constitutional rights abridged by an unconstitutional local ordinance enacted by a large local municipality . We also represent individuals who have had their financial rights, compensation, or employment rights unconstitutionally limited by statutes that violate Due Process, Equal Protection , and property rights.

Taking a multi-faceted approach, we often first inform, advocate, and address the government entity to persuade them to correct their violations. If informal actions fail to yield the desired change, we litigate to protect the individuals and their rights.