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We have successfully litigated damages and other civil litigation claims in a variety of courts and forums. We have also written and litigated Petitions for Writs of Mandate, Writs of Administrative Mandamus, and handled civil appeals to the Superior Court and the District Court of Appeals.

In formal administrative proceedings involving state government, John Michael Jensen has successfully litigated to judgment a variety of cases involving statutory interpretation, contract interpretation, factual scenarios, or other issues.

we have successfully prosecuted Petitions for Writs of Administrative Mandamus and Writs of Mandate. Petitions for Writs of Administrative Mandamus challenge the legal or factual underpinnings of a government decision or the government adoption of an Administrative Law Judge's Proposed Decision. A Writ of Mandate seeks to compel a government agency or inferior tribunal to act according to the law.

In civil appeals, John Michael Jensen has represented clients whose favorable judgments are appealed to a District Court of Appeals. Our civil appellate practice focuses on review of the lower court record, superior persuasive writing skills, and incisive analysis to illustrate our client's position.