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Employee pension benefits play an important role in overall compensation, financial security, and in retirement. California state employees , teachers, and local government employees usually plan for their retirement benefits based upon these pension fund's representations regarding their retirement.

However, sometimes the pension fund does not provide the correct benefits or miscalculates the benefits. John Michael Jensen has successful represented plaintiffs against pension funds, with several cases pending. Perhaps our most notable case is the Alexander /Matus v. CalPERS case, where we won $6.4 million in a fully litigated case. The Sacramento Bee featured that story on the front page of the Sunday newspaper. . Case information is available at .

Often involving large sums of money and disputed statutory interpretations, we have successfully advanced our clients' claims to increased or promised benefits. In informal actions, we have resolved disputed benefits and CalPERS claims for reimbursement. In formal administrative actions, we have favorably resolved issues involving interest payable by CalPERS, and disputed benefits based on statutory interpretations.
We continue to be on the cutting edge of Employee Benefit law. Among other writings, John Jensen authored an article on a pension fund's possible breach of fiduciary duties for the Public Retirement Journal. See