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Motion for Class Certification Filed in Military, Air Time, IDR

On October 2, 2017, Plaintiffs filed their Motion for Class Certification demonstrating that CalPERS knowingly or intentionally failed to disclose the risk of loss and no refunds to safety members before they invested in military/airtime, and then subsequently sought an unlawful waiver of refunds after the fact only for safety members retiring on IDR who wished to suspend their installment payments. Download the (1) Motion for Class Certification, (2) Trial Mafilnagement Plan, (3) Declaration of John Jensen, (4) Request for Judicial Notice, and (5) Second Declaration of John Jensen here. The case is before the Honorable Maren E. Nelson in Dept 307 of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Third Amended Complaint Filed in Military Time, Air Time, IDR Class Actions Against CalPERS

On November 16, 2016, Plaintiffs filed their Third Amended Complaint in the proposed class action regarding Military Service Credit, Airtime, and Industrial Disability case against CalPERS that alleges breach of fiduciary duty, rescission, and other relief. The Marzec and Andert cases were previously consolidated into one. You can read the Third Amended Complaint here. The case is before the Honorable Maren E. Nelson in Dept 307 of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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